Author Topic: Sacks Thoughts—- for all y’all wating and some who dont  (Read 1041 times)

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Sacks Thoughts—- for all y’all wating and some who dont
« on: March 11, 2019, 10:12:17 am »
If I could get hired in Hot Springs area Sonics I’d put gas in the van air up that one tire and move Mrs Sack down there! Lake ain’t as good but such a beautiful town overall! Secondly did y’all know that they had a deal at the corncession stand 6$$ all you can eat popcorn tubs!! Popcorn was good but the tub itself tasted like cardboard so Sack just kept buying more popcorn! Bathrooms around every corner which made it nice for guys like Sack! Paper was in short supply but wait long enough and be the patient sort like Sack and next door neighbor would share his!! You can get a bath there! Sack didn’t cause well Sack is very shy about sorts!! Awesome fans all weekend most went away happy! Sack made lots of new friends! Great view from top row center court media side! Sack calls it cat bird seat!! Sack requests everybody use this thread to talk about their favorite memories!


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