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Author Topic: A.D., All Day  (Read 772 times)

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A.D., All Day
« on: January 04, 2010, 03:00:56 am »
Opposite of the no run challenge, but with the Minnesota Vikings and Madden 2009 (which I prefer to 2010).

This is the second year of a dynasty, so a few new players have been added/resigned (Matt Birk was franchised), while a few key rookies (Harvin/Loadholt) aren't on the team. In the draft last year, I picked up a 6'8''/364 RT (Loadholtesque), a center to develop behind Birk, and a very stout linebacker (Brinkleyesque) linebacker.

The only difference in starters is at QB (Jackson is my man, but has developed into a 88), FB (signed a run blocking stud), TE (Daniel Graham starts, Shiancoe is second on the depth chart but I use A LOT of two tight end sets), and LE (a converted Dan Morgan).

A.D. should run for mucho yards, but I'd like to find a balance with him and Taylor so he doesn't get injured.


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