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4A Basketball / Re: 4A Top 10 Girls
« Last post by HorseFeathers on Today at 11:23:26 pm »
My newest rankings

Harrison- point guard is back.   They will roll
Farmington- some close games but still has the edge over the rest
Gravette- Morrison runs the show.  To much to handle for everybody below
Pea ridge- got tripped up by Gentry.  Waiting their rematch
Prairie grove
Shiloh- back on The Who cuts the biggest check gets to play   Benched several players that they could win with.
Gentry- coach has verbally assaulted and belittled to the point the girls have just gave up.   He Quoted in the paper that the conference is just too much.  He wants to play 3a ball, win 75 percent of the games and draw a check. 

Gentry coach doing the verbal assaulting?
2A Basketball / Re: Record
« Last post by HorseFeathers on Today at 11:22:19 pm »
Is this all classifications? I know thereís a girl at walnut ridge thatís gone for 41, 49, 44, and 45 this year. I think she broke 40 twice last year as a sophomore.

Gotta submit the paperwork
2A Basketball / Re: Record
« Last post by MomaLion on Today at 11:20:05 pm »
The team we played was not very good. She scored most in the first half. We really only have two ďscorersĒ and the other was out with injury. So Coach had given her the green light.  Their defense was horrible as Kylie hit three after three with no defender in her vicinity. But to her credit, she hit nearly every shot. Hit maybe her first 7 threes and 8/10 free shots. She has a ďmotorĒ and is at full throttle every second of every game. She is a guard and we only have 7 players so she was on the court most of the game even with a double digit lead.  She is averaging about 18 PPG so it wasnít surprising.   She is a true scorer.  I only saw her miss five shots including those two free shots. 

Hope that answers the question.

Well, if you only have 7 players, it can't be helped regardless of the other team's ability.  I never expect a kid not to score if they have the opportunity.  Just wondered what the story was behind the scoring...thanks for answering  :)
SEC / Re: SEC Menís Basketball 2020
« Last post by bulldoghistorian on Today at 10:51:09 pm »
Vandy has now lost 23 conference regular season games in a row! Longest streak in SEC history!
Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Way Too Early - 2020 Top Five
« Last post by Leo Marvin on Today at 10:38:19 pm »
Briarcrest?  I have to give it to HA, that is not backing down.
SEC / Re: SEC Menís Basketball 2020
« Last post by bulldoghistorian on Today at 10:35:29 pm »
Bama 77
Vandy 62
The Trumann supertendent Myra Graham is retiring at the end of school year
4A Basketball / Re: 4a-3 BOYS scores. Post here
« Last post by slawdawg millionaire on Today at 10:16:27 pm »
Slawdawg you always keep us Currant on standings and scores, thank you. Iíve noticed the times you post, very early or very late. Quick question? When do you sleep? You seem to be of that rare breed who doesnít, whatís your secret? If I donít get 8 or 9 hours Iím like a zombie from The Walking Dead. Iíve always wanted to be one of those types. You know, those weirdos who have...energy.

I usually get off work between 11 and midnight. I work second shift, so I update standings whenever I get home. Y'all make it easier by posting the scores on here pretty regularly. Can't say the same about a lot of the 5A schools, especially in the South and Central.
3A Basketball / Re: Boys Top Ten
« Last post by CoolBreeze on Today at 09:58:09 pm »
Manila beat 5. Tuckerman 18 🤷🏼‍♂️
And Trumann beat them twice, once at Tuckerman.
Arkansas High School Baseball / Re: 4A 2020 season?
« Last post by RabidWolf on Today at 09:52:34 pm »
Is there a chance that WUM is actually this mysterious J?
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