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4A Basketball / 4a-4 through Jan 17
« Last post by Trojan_rep on Today at 10:22:39 pm »
Here is how everything has shaken out so far.
Dardy 14-1 (4-1)
Morrilton 7-4 (4-1)
Ozark 12-3 (3-1)
Subi 8-4 (2-2)
Pottsville 7-7 (2-3)
Clarksville 7-9 (2-3)
Heber Springs 0-16 (0-6)

Looks to be a 4 horse race at this point maybe more.

Drop scores, predictions, or thoughts!!!
4A Basketball / Re: 4A-4 Scores
« Last post by Trojan_rep on Today at 09:54:22 pm »
Looks like the 4a-4 is still completely up in the air. Whoever runs the table wins. This is going to be down to the wire.
Killer Crossover / Re: What is 2020-21 season going to look like?
« Last post by B.G. on Today at 08:39:10 pm »
As in football, there are shenanigans going on as some isolated cases of "selective" cancellations are occurring to either benefit or impugn a fair outcome in conference play.
6A Basketball / Re: 6A Schedule/Scores/Standings and Cancellations
« Last post by B.G. on Today at 08:15:05 pm »
Springdale girls have cancelled their game at Fayetteville for Tuesday 1/19
6A Basketball / Re: 6A Schedule/Scores/Standings and Cancellations
« Last post by B.G. on Today at 08:14:01 pm »
Springdale Har-Ber;2-2;10-4
Rogers Heritage;1-2;6-8
Bentonville West;2-2;9-7
Fort Smith Southside;0-4;2-13

Little Rock Central;4-0;12-3
North Little Rock;3-1;9-1
Fort Smith Northside;2-2;6-7
Little Rock Catholic;1-3;6-8
Little Rock Southwest;1-3;2-8

Springdale Har-Ber;3-1;5-4
Bentonville West;1-3;4-9
Fort Smith Southside;0-1;2-8
Rogers Heritage;0-3;2-11

Fort Smith Northside;4-0;14-1
North Little Rock;3-1;10-4
Little Rock Central;1-2;6-7
Mount St. Mary;0-3;0-11
Little Rock Southwest;0-3;3-6
1A Basketball / Re: Sacks Rants and Tangents
« Last post by SackAttack on Today at 08:10:16 pm »
Sacktacular is once again up to the nether regions in gallroast and jackwich over all these “ game cancellations and postponers “! Everybody that knows Sack and most do know Sack in one way or another as Sack has slung some mighty fine meat at most folks and soon to be all folks that read fearlessly forever more! Sack has contacts and connections far and wide kinda like Mrs Sacks sitting parts and the contacts tell Sack that there are games being played with the COVID without games being played if you know what I mean! Douchery of the highest level in the name of just plain wrongdoing! All sorts of ungentlemanly behavior going on! Plenty of warm bodies but my dude is in cornteen so we gotta cancel! My supt says we can play girls tonight because y’all ain’t no good but we gotta postpone boys because y’all good and my #2&3 players are out till next Tuesday! Bock bock bock says Sack in his condescending voice! Hmmmm strut bock bock strut bock bock! Ya knowimsayin???Peck peck bock bock peck! If ya got enough play says Sack! This year is different and ya better realize before karma gets all y’all playing Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road!! Yep don’t think it ain’t goin on cause it is in High Seed hick style fashion all over in all classes! Sacks People are telling him that some dudes and dudettes are doing high class style while other dudettes and dudettes as well are trying to manipulate the system! Zero respect and class as well as being classless! Karma gonna get y’all!! Sack is completely pecjacked over this and continues to be in high jillflirt mode! Got 5 go play! It ain’t difficult! You guys and guyettes are Sackstars for doing it right!

# SomeDudesJustDontGetIt
Wow, those numbers explain a lot.  73 football players out of a 300 count student body is unbelievable, but the financial aid numbers explain that.  LRUCA is gonna have to step up there financial aid game to keep up with PA.
I shouldn't speak for these posters, but I believe they are saying that school vouchers are going to be passed that will divert money from public schools to private. As I understand vouchers, if a student goes from say Robinson to LRCA, they money the state would have given Robinson is diverted to LRCA.
2A Basketball / Re: 2a Score Thread(January)
« Last post by bleudog on Today at 05:00:14 pm »
Parkers Chapel senior boys vs JC (January 12)

2A Basketball / Re: 2A Standings According to ScoreStream (Boys)
« Last post by Almatrackster on Today at 03:25:58 pm »
Riverside boys this past week

Lost to Earle by 39
Beat Marmaduke by 17

These weren’t posted to Scorebooklive

Thank you very kindly!
2A Basketball / Re: 2A Standings According to ScoreStream (Boys)
« Last post by Almatrackster on Today at 03:23:20 pm »
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