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Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Pocahontas @ Shiloh Christian
« Last post by tmdowell on Today at 01:30:45 am »
For some reason I read these things every year and it’s always the same thing, a bunch of regular joes who have no actual educated prediction skills guessing scores for games in which they probably couldn’t point to the opposing teams location on a map. Obviously the redskins are big big underdogs but if I was Shiloh I would be very very careful about letting it go to their head. Pocahontas has never been very large or the fastest or the most skilled but they are VERY well known for having that dog Inside of them and making those games where the are 25 point underdogs very very close. Just be careful with counting pocahontas out in general especially this team who may very well be better than the 2014 team...

As the dad of a senior starter and a sophomore backup and who knows the majority of the kids on the team and most of the coaching staff very well, I can assure you, they never look past an opponent. They never look at a Hootens spread and believe the numbers, and they never get lax when it comes to preparation. They are humble, smart, and disciplined. They won’t look past anyone, least of all a team who can put up numbers like Pokie can. Are the confident, absolutely, but when they walk on the field Friday night, they will do so with a healthy respect for the team on the other side. It’ll be a good game, regardless of what Hootens and Fearless Friday has to say about it.
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: PA at Harrison
« Last post by Go Postal on Today at 01:25:11 am »
Word of the day




PA discovers the perfect formula for their
one page offensive playbook

and gimmick football exclusively manipulates
the technique of Onside kick, Pass on 4th down,
Two point conversion, Repeat

Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Hazen Vs Earle
« Last post by Mr. Trill on Today at 01:19:11 am »
Haha I need to come on down to Hazen and be 1 of the 19 fans (coming from LR)
Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Prescott vs Dollarway
« Last post by zebrafan on Today at 01:16:05 am »
What’s is a yo game? Never heard of it? Is that something they teach at dollarway?
I had never heard of Basil Shabazz.  An interesting story.

WOW !!!!! :'( ??? ??? ::)

Here's some other  names. Before the Great Shabazz and good video tape. There were guys like....

Graylin Wyatt Texarkana RB. He played on 3 straight State Title teams. He was the truth. Signed with Texas.
Jerry Eckwood Brinkley RB, signed with Arkansas
Roy Green Magnolia RB, WR, PR, DB, signed with Henderson St.
James Rouse LR Pvw,RB  signed with Arkansas
Danny Bradley, Pine Bluff. QB  signed with Oklahoma
Erick Wright, Pine Bluff.QB  Signed with Oklahoma
Keith Jackson, LR PVW, TE signed with Oklahoma
Dwight Mann RB Camden High signed with Oklahoma
Ricky Patton ATH, signed with Henderson St.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Tackle for loss record?
« Last post by allstate22 on Today at 01:07:23 am »
Pick y do u hate so much it kinda seems like ur scared?
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Can we finally be honest?
« Last post by Hoghead2 on Today at 12:53:17 am »
Yes.  Trinity Christian near Texarkana.  We battled many times.  They have had athletes from both sides of the border.   They are the small-school model for excellence in T&F.  National leaders in pole vault per age group over the past few years.  We defeated them for the Indoor team title last year.  I believe they hold the advantage of being near a large town like Texarkana. They had a great coach.  Jeff built a great program.  But I don’t believe any cheating occurred.   They were horrible at 8-man football this year...if that means anything.

Near Texarkana ??? Trinity Christian is in TEXARKANA, Arkansas ! It's right there on I-30 and Four States Blvd. acroos the street from the Raceway Gas Station. They have kids from both sides of the cities and surrounding Arkaansas and Texas towns. them and Taylor arkansas had some classic baseball games over the years. Good school. There's 6 High Schools in the Texarkana area.

Texas High
Pleasant Grove
Liberty Eylau

Arkansas High
Genoa Central
Trinity Christian
Well I don’t know much about bentonville but if catholic plays like they did against NLR, the first 3 quarters against conway, and the fourth quarter against van Buren, I would think they should at least keep it close. But they have been unpredictable lately so who knows what version of the team shows up.
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Can we finally be honest?
« Last post by OldOutlaw on Today at 12:28:28 am »
Jerry Franklin
High school: Marion
NFL team: Chicago Bears

Tyrell Johnson
High school: Rison
NFL team: Detroit Lions

Corey Williams
High school: Harmony Grove (Camden)
NFL team: Detroit Lions

Brett Goode
High school: Northside (Fort Smith)
NFL team: Green Bay Packers

D.J. Williams
High school: Central Arkansas Christian (North Little Rock)
NFL team: Green Bay Packers

Greg Childs
High school: Warren
NFL team: Minnesota Vikings

Kevin Williams
High school: Fordyce
NFL team: Minnesota Vikings

Jarius Wright
High school: Warren
NFL team: Minnesota Vikings

Joe Adams
High school: Central Arkansas Christian (North Little Rock)
NFL team: Carolina Panthers

DeAngelo Williams
High school: Wynne
NFL team: Carolina Panthers

Jermey Parnell
High school: Gosnell
NFL team: Dallas Cowboys

Cedric Thornton
High school: Star City
NFL team: Philadelphia Eagles

Clinton McDonald
High school: Jacksonville
NFL team: Seattle Seahawks

Jake Bequette
High school: Catholic (Little Rock)
NFL team: New England Patriots

Jamaal Anderson
High school: Parkview (Little Rock)
NFL team: Cincinnati Bengals

David Johnson
High school: Pine Bluff
NFL team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Mitch Petrus
High school: Carlisle
NFL team: Tennessee Titans

Damian Williams
High school: Springdale
NFL team: Tennessee Titans

Charles Clay
High school: Central (Little Rock)
NFL team: Miami Dolphins

Nate Garner
High school: Robinson (Little Rock)
NFL team: Miami Dolphins

Mike Brisiel
High school: Fayetteville
NFL team: Oakland Raiders

Darren McFadden
High school: North Little Rock
NFL team: Oakland Raiders

Junior Hemingway
High school: Conway
NFL team: Kansas City Chiefs

Peyton Hillis
High school: Conway
NFL team: Kansas City Chiefs

Here’s a list from 2012-13 of NFL players from AR high schools. 3 of the 24 are from private schools, 2 from CAC and 1 from Catholic.
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Alma vs. White Hall
« Last post by zebradynasty on Today at 12:26:26 am »
This is a call out to Zebra Die-nasty

Where you at big boy ????????

I use to think you were a WH Bulldog hater. The program never had a bigger critic than good old Z-nasty.
You loved to come over to the 5A board and put us in our place. ::)
But now after your coach jumped ship and came on out to WH you have gone silent.
That just tells me you were always actually just a COACH lover or hater kind of boy.

OR could it be you have finally have moved out here and you are afraid you will be found out by your new neighbors ?

I would love to hear your thoughts !

Bruh...One playoff game you think y'all arrived! A luck of the draw now has you playing a Alma team that is not the typical Alma team. white hall is easy to predict regardless of the coach. Playoff game or two and then an embarrassing loss in the playoffs sends you home! Long as PA is in 5A and Kelley is the coach runner-up is the best white hall will ever be.

Me moving to white hall...naw be glad when the finish work on the interstate so I can pass by even faster!
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